Adipurush Movie Review: Exploring the Hits and Misses of this Epic Movie

adipurush movie review

Adipurush, a highly anticipated movie, had fans eagerly awaiting its release with great anticipation and a positive vibe.

As the film hit theaters on Friday, 16th June 2023, cinema halls were packed to capacity, with viewers excited to witness this epic spectacle on the big screen.

However, the initial excitement quickly turned into disappointment for many as they voiced their criticism of the film. One of the major letdowns was the poor visual effects (VFX) that failed to live up to the high expectations set by the film’s grand scale.

Social media is filled with memes about the appearance of Ravana and Hanuman Ji from the movie.

Unfortunately, the criticism did not stop there. Some viewers accused Adipurush of insulting Hindu religious sentiments, leading to further backlash against the film. This controversy added fuel to the fire, intensifying the disappointment felt by fans who had eagerly awaited this cinematic experience.

Because of these problems, both viewers and movie critics have given the film mixed reviews. Some people feel somewhat indifferent about it, while others have a very negative opinion. This has led to uncertainty about whether Adipurush will achieve the huge financial success that was anticipated, and there is speculation about whether it will surpass the predicted 500 crore mark due to the significant criticism it has received.

However, Superstar Prabhas steals the show with his remarkable performance, drawing in a massive audience to the theaters solely with his immense fan base.

While Adipurush may have stumbled in its execution, it’s important to remember that opinions can vary, and each viewer’s experience may differ.

In the end, whether the film succeeds or not will depend on how the audience reacts and if they can overlook the flaws and appreciate the good things about it. We’re not sure yet if it will be remembered as an amazing movie or a missed chance. But no matter what, it reminds us that having high hopes can lead to different outcomes. Fans and critics are excited to see what’s next for this ambitious project.

Jai shree ram.


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